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Fundraising events allow you to raise money towards your goal while having fun, engaging your supporters, and increasing your impact. The Jimmy Fund Walk staff can help you plan a successful fundraiser by providing resources and materials such as banners, lawn signs, flyers, and more.


Love to workout? Family owns a pizza shop? Utilize your resources and interests and have fun! Don’t forget to check out our “Fun Ways to Fundraise” guide for additional creative ideas. Many of the ideas below can take place virtually OR use these ideas to start planning an event for the future.

Fundraising event ideas: Trivia night

Trivia Night

Fundraising event ideas: Bake sale

Bake Sale

Fundraising event ideas: Yard sale

Yard Sale

Fundraising event ideas: Opportunity drawing

Opportunity Drawing

Fundraising event ideas: Pizza party

Pizza Party

Fundraising event ideas: Fitness class

Fitness Class


The first step in getting started is filling out an event planning form as part of our event approval process. Leave your contact info below, and a member of the Jimmy Fund Walk staff will reach out to assist you.

Plan a Fundraiser





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The featured event for fundraising at the Boston Marathon Jimmy Fund Walk


Tura Coombs, team member of Head and Neck, helps plan an annual lip sync battle fundraiser for their team!

“Team Head and Neck is an amazing and compassionate group of individuals that make coming to work a wonderful experience. In such an unprecedented time now more than ever we are all in this together. We will get through this and that will make walking the Jimmy Fund walk this year that much more special. Our patients are so strong and resilient, and they inspire me to be better every day.”