Frequently Asked Questions


Where does the fundraising money go?

The money raised through the Jimmy Fund Walk directly supports cancer research and patient care at Dana-Farber. Find out more about how your support helps!

How do I request donations online?

You can advise your donors to give to your Jimmy Fund Walk online by sharing a link to your personal fundraising page via email, Facebook, and other social media platforms.

How do I find my personal fundraising page link? If I am a Team Captain, how do I find my team page link?

Your personal fundraising page link can be viewed and edited in your Participant Center:

  • Log in to your Participant Center
  • On your home page under "My next steps," view your personal page link
  • Update your personal link by clicking "Create Custom URL"

If you are a Team Captain, your team’s fundraising page link can be viewed and edited in your Participant Center:

  • Log in to your Participant Center
  • Click on the "My Team" tab and under "My next steps," view your team page link
  • Update your team page link by clicking "Create Custom URL"

How do I submit checks or money orders?

You or your donors can mail checks or money orders to:

Boston Marathon® Jimmy Fund Walk
P.O. Box 3595
Boston, MA 02241-3595

Checks should be made out to Boston Marathon® Jimmy Fund Walk and should include your Participant ID in the memo line. For donations to a team, please include a separate note with instructions to apply to the team and team name. Please note: we cannot accept cash.

Due to the high volume of donations, it may take up to two weeks for your donation to be processed and appear on your personal fundraising page.

  • Make sure to include your name, address, number of checks enclosed, and Participant ID on the outside of the envelope (Participant ID can be found in your Participant Center or feel free to email to request your Participant ID)
  • Please also include your name and Participant ID in the memo line of the check to ensure proper credit for your fundraising
  • Once the donations are processed, your personal fundraising page will be updated and you can view all donors through your Participant Center
  • If there is a specific way that you would like a supporter to be recognized on your page, please include a note with the check
  • If you are also submitting donations on behalf of another walker, please include these checks in a separate envelope with the appropriate information to ensure you each receive fundraising credit
  • Please don’t put your walker donation stickers directly on checks

Where can I find my Participant ID number?

Your Participant ID can be found by:

  • Viewing your personal fundraising page. Participant ID is located under your fundraising goal and amount raised
  • Logging in to your Participant Center. Your Participant ID number is located halfway down the page next to Walk day route, etc.
  • Call 866-531-9255 or email and we will be more than happy to look it up for you
  • Please note: Your Participant ID number is different from your bib number

If I set my fundraising goal higher than the minimum, will I be held responsible for the extra money?

No. Participants are required to raise $100 (or $25 for participants under 18) which includes the registration fee. However, increasing your fundraising goal is a great way to motivate your donors to continue their support. Many participants set their goal at $1,000 (Star Pacesetter level).

What do I do if people make a check out to me instead of to the Boston Marathon Jimmy Fund Walk?

Endorse the check by writing "Pay to the order of the Boston Marathon Jimmy Fund Walk" and sign your name on the back of the check.

If my supporters give me cash donations, how do I submit them?

The Jimmy Fund Walk cannot accept cash donations. If your supporters give you cash, your options for submitting the donations are:

  • Have a money order filled out with your supporter's information to ensure they receive full recognition for the donations.
  • Make a donation on your personal fundraising page for the amount of cash you’ve received and charge it with your credit card. Enter your supporter’s information in the online form with your credit card information to ensure they receive proper credit.
  • Note: If a supporter sends you cash and you make a donation for him or her online or submit a personal check, you will be entered as the official donor and receive the acknowledgement with tax language, not the cash supporter.
  • Note: If you receive multiple cash donations and would like individual supporters to be recognized on your page, each donation must be submitted as a separate check, money order, or online donation

Can I move money from one participant to another?

Once a donation is made, it can only be moved from one participant to another in totality. We are not able to be split donations among participants. If you receive a check donation, we can split it and apply to multiple participants, but you must send the check directly to the Walk staff at the address below and not the P.O Box.

Jimmy Fund Walk Staff
10 Brookline Place, 6th Floor
Brookline, MA 02445

For donations made to the general team fund, the Team Captain must request the whole transfer to one team member. Please contact the Walk staff to move funds.

Do matching donations count toward the fundraising minimum?

Yes. Once we receive the eligible matching donation form and are able to verify the original donation, the match will be added to your fundraising total. Please ask the company that is doing the match to include the name of the employee who requested the match and the participant ID of the walker that they’re supporting.

Please note: Due to the high volume of matching donations, please allow a few weeks for your matching donation to be verified and appear on your personal fundraising page.

How do my supporters submit a matching donation?

Every company has their own policies and procedures to determine a particular charity's eligibility to receive a matching donation. Your donors’ Human Resources department will have more information about how to have a donation matched or your donor can search for their company to see if they provide matching donations to Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and the Jimmy Fund.

If the original donation is made online, please have your supporter print out the email confirmation they received upon making the donation and mail it with the matching donation form to:

Boston Marathon Jimmy Fund Walk
10 Brookline Place West, 6th Floor
Brookline, MA 02445-7226

Alternatively, if a supporter makes a donation online, and their company has an electronic donation submission program, please ask them to email the confirmations of both their donation and matching donation submission to

If a supporter would like to match a donation they made by check, please have them mail the matching donation form along with the donation to the address above.

Many employers' matching donation forms require the following information:

Tax ID Number: 042263040
Contact: Donor Services
Address: Boston Marathon Jimmy Fund Walk
10 Brookline Place West, 6th Floor
Brookline, MA 02445-7226

How do I change my fundraising goal?

To change your fundraising goal:

  • Log in to your Participant Center
  • On your Home Page, select "Update Goal" underneath your fundraising progress

How do I customize my personal fundraising page?

To edit the text, picture, or video on your personal page:

  • Log in to your Participant Center
  • On your Home Page, select "View and Edit Page" under your Next Steps

How can I link my fundraising page to Facebook?

You can share your personal fundraising page link on Facebook by copying the link into your Facebook status–be sure to include a note about why you walk. If you cannot remember your personal fundraising page URL, you can log in to your Participant Center to view it on the home screen.

How can I send emails from my Participant Center to contacts in my own email address book?

You can upload your email address book into your Participant Center by following these steps:

  • Log in to your Participant Center
  • Go to the "Send Email" tab and select "All Contacts" on the left
  • Select "Import Contacts" and choose your email provider to import

Where can I find a list of people who have made donations to my Walk?

To access a list of your current year donors and to see the donation amount:

  • Log in to your Participant Center
  • On your Home Page, scroll to the bottom to see a list of your donors. You have the ability to download a donor report that includes email, mailing address, etc.

What is the relationship between Dana-Farber Cancer Institute & the Jimmy Fund?

The Jimmy Fund solely supports Boston's Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, raising funds for adult and pediatric cancer care and research to improve the chances of survival for cancer patients around the world. Since its founding in 1948, the Jimmy Fund has raised millions of dollars through thousands of community fundraising events. Learn more about the Jimmy Fund here. Learn more about Dana-Farber here.

I just made a donation. What will appear on my bank statement?

Your online donation will appear on your credit card statement as: DANAFARBERJIMMYFND. If the transaction is pending, you may see PENDINGBB appear, which is normal. Should you have any questions regarding what appears on your statement, please email our Donor Services team at We can also be reached by phone at 800-525-4669 or 617-632-2903.

What if I need to make a change to the donation I just made?

Please email the Jimmy Fund Walk team at or call 866-531-9255 right away.

I just made a donation online but did not receive my email confirmation. Can this be re-sent to me?

Yes. Please email our Donor Services team at or call 617-632-2903 to request an email acknowledgement.

How can supporters make a donation if they don't want to do it online?

Supporters can write a check payable to the Boston Marathon® Jimmy Fund Walk, which you then submit according to the process described in the "Fundraising" section of the FAQs.

How do my supporters get a receipt of their donation to use for tax purposes?

If your supporters make online donations, they will receive an acknowledgment letter and payment confirmation via email. We mail acknowledgements to supporters who send check contributions of $15 or more. Although we appreciate donations of any amount, due to the high volume of contributions we receive, we are unable to send acknowledgements for offline donations of less than $15. For offline donations of less than $15, your supporters can use a copy of their check as proof of their donation.

How do my supporters make a donation in honor or in memory of someone?

For online donations, your supporters have the opportunity to enter the name of the person whom they are honoring while making the donation in the "Donation Information" section of the donation form. You may enter the honoree's name in the "Display Name and Information" box and that will appear on your personal fundraising page. If your supporters would like an acknowledgment letter sent to a loved one, family member, or friend, please have them follow the link in their confirmation email and or send them this form.

Each supporter who makes an offline contribution can include a brief note with an honoree's name, and the names and addresses of any desired acknowledgment recipients.

Do matching donations count toward the fundraising minimum?

Yes. Once we receive the eligible matching donation form and are able to verify the original donation, the match will be added to your fundraising total.

Please note: Due to the high volume of matching donations, please allow 4-6 weeks for your matching donation to be verified and appear on your personal fundraising page.

Can my supporters make donations of stock/securities to support my Jimmy Fund Walk? What about donations made through Donor Advised Funds?

Yes. Your supporters can give donations of stocks or securities and we also accept donations from Donor Advised Funds. To make a donation via an existing Donor Advised Fund, donors should utilize the Donor Advised Fund link on the "Give" page and reach out to their Donor Advised Fund contact to confirm. Donors should always be sure to note the donation designation (e.g. Boston Marathon Jimmy Fund Walk/walker name). To donate stocks and securities, please reference stock transfer instructions here. Dana-Farber and the Jimmy Fund's Tax ID Number is 042263040.

I have a question about giving from my Donor Advised Fund using DAF Direct. Who do I contact?

Follow the instructions after clicking to give via DAF Direct. You may email our Donor Services team at or call 617-632-2903 if you have any further questions. Our team may direct you to speak with your DAF.

Is the Jimmy Fund Walk website secure?

Yes. All information submitted online is subject to the Jimmy Fund Privacy Policy. Please read the Jimmy Fund Privacy Policy before submitting any personal information.

How do I opt out of communications?

If you wish to opt out of receiving fundraising mailings from Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and the Jimmy Fund, please call 800-525-4669 or visit If you wish to opt out of email communications, you may also click the unsubscribe link at the bottom of any Jimmy Fund Walk email.

Do you have to be registered to participate in the Jimmy Fund Walk?

Yes. Everyone who walks must be registered, pay the registration fee, and commit to the fundraising minimum, except children under the age of 2 years old. For the safety of all walkers, emergency contact information must be provided for each walker. Each registered participant receives a T-shirt (guaranteed to the first 5,000 participants to register), bib number, and commemorative Walk medal.

What is the fundraising agreement for the Boston Marathon Jimmy Fund Walk?

Your registration information cannot be processed unless you agree to the following policy:

I, the “Participant”, wish to participate in the 2021 Boston Marathon® Jimmy Fund Walk: Your Way occurring on October 3, 2021 (the “Event”). I agree to collect the corresponding fundraising minimum below (registration fee included) for the benefit of DFCI and to be personally responsible for the difference if I fail to collect the required funds:

  • Virtual walkers 18 or older on Event day: $100 (includes $5 registration fee);
  • Youth virtual walkers under 18 on Event day: $25 (includes $5 registration fee).

The deadline for receipt of the full fundraising minimum is October 31, 2021. I understand that the outstanding balance towards the minimum fundraising requirement will be charged to my credit card if I have not met this requirement by the deadline.

Can I use the same username and password from last year's Walk to register online?

Yes. You may use your username and password from your 2020 registration.

Can I register a family?

Yes. To register multiple walkers, you need to complete a separate registration for each person and process each registration payment as a separate transaction. Every participant must be registered with a different email. Please keep in mind that if you use your credit card to register other walkers, your card will be charged if they do not meet the fundraising minimum by the October 31, 2021 deadline. If you need assistance registering a large group, please contact us.

Once I have registered, can I change any of my registration information?

Yes. After you register, you can update your personal or contact information, change route selection, switch teams, join a team, or even start a new team by following these steps:

  • Log in to your Participant Center
  • Select "Edit Profile" tab
  • Edit personal and contact information in the "Profile" tab
  • Edit event information on the "Questions" tab

If any other changes need to be made, please contact us.

What is the cancellation policy?

You must cancel before noon on September 30, 2021 in order to be released from the fundraising minimum requirement of $100 (or $25 if under 18). If you do not cancel by September 30, then you are responsible for the fundraising minimum whether you participate on Walk day or not. The registration fee is non-refundable. Please note: Each walker is required to agree to the cancellation policy at the time of registration.

How do I start a team?

Follow our step by step Team Captain Manual to get your team going!

Is there a limit or minimum to how many people can be on a team?

Teams can be as small or as large as you want! Please note: in order to be considered for certain Extra Mile Brunch team recognition, your team must consist of at least five members.

Does each member of my team have to raise the fundraising minimum?

Yes. Each team member participating in the Jimmy Fund Walk is responsible for their personal fundraising minimum of $100, and youth under 18 on Walk day are responsible for $25. Please note that the fundraising minimum must be on each individual’s fundraising page and not on the team page.

Are we obligated to reach whatever fundraising goal we set for our team?

No. The team fundraising goal is a tool to motivate your team and supporters. Each member of the team is responsible for the fundraising minimum of $100, or $25 for members under 18 on Walk day.

Can a team have more than one captain?

Teams can have Co-Captains. There is no limit to the number of Co-Captains a team can have.

To designate a Co-captain, the Team Captain must:

  • Log in to your Participant Center
  • Select the "My Team" tab
  • Scroll to your Team Members section and select "Edit Captains"
  • Edit Co-Captains as desired

Can I join or start a team if I’m already registered?

Yes! If you are registered as an individual, but want to join a team:

  • Log in to your Participant Center
  • Select the "Edit Profile" tab and then the "Event Options"
  • Select "Join Team" and search for the team you would like to join

If you are registered as an individual, but want to start a team, contact the Jimmy Fund Walk staff at 866-531-9255 or and we will make the change.

Can general team donations be split among team members?

No. When a donation is made to the team, it can only be moved from the general team fund to one team member. Donations cannot be split. Team Captains will need to contact us to request the transfer of funds.

Can a donor make a general donation to my team?

Yes. Donors can give to the general team page by searching for the team’s name or directly from the team’s fundraising page.

Why should I form a team?

Teams can be formed in honor or memory of a friend or loved one, or to represent a company, organization, group, or family. Teams are a great way to show unity and make fundraising and walking more fun.

Is participating on a team mandatory?

No. You can walk individually or with a team.

What are my responsibilities as a Team Captain?

The main role of a Team Captain is to recruit team members and encourage the team's fundraising efforts. In addition, you will have online access to customize your team's fundraising page, communicate important information to your members, and be a general resource for basic questions. Check out our Team Captain Manual for helpful info and tips to get you started.

How will people know I am a Team Captain?

Your name will be listed first on your team's fundraising page, with any Co-Captains listed after you. Any Team Captain or Co-Captain(s) will have a "C" next to their name.

Can we make our own team T-shirts or decorate the official Walk T-shirts?

You can do either! Some teams choose to create their own team T-shirts and others personalize the official Jimmy Fund Walk T-shirts. Please note: if a Walk T-shirt is customized, you may not exchange for a different size.

If you choose to create your own shirts, please contact us for logos and approval of logo usage.

Are there any special resources available for teams?

Yes! The Jimmy Fund Walk provides special tools for teams including Team Newsletter templates, monthly Team Captain updates, a Team Captain Manual and more.

What is the Jimmy Fund Walk Hero Program? How can my team get involved?

Jimmy Fund Walk Heroes are adult and pediatric patients at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute who have volunteered to tell the story of why money is being raised to conquer cancer through the Jimmy Fund Walk. Photos of the Heroes inspire walkers leading up to, and on, Jimmy Fund Walk day.

Teams can request to be paired, or matched, with a Hero in the spring prior to the Jimmy Fund Walk, and walk and fundraise in their Hero’s honor.

If your team is interested in participating in the Hero Program, please complete the Hero Match Team interest form.

For more information on the Hero Program, please contact:
Amy Lusa

Extra Mile Brunch

The Extra Mile Brunch, which takes place annually in March, is a celebration of the Walk community and the success of the event. In 2021, the Extra Mile Brunch will take place virtually in March and is open to all 2020 registered walkers.

Fundraising Minimum

Anyone who participates in the Jimmy Fund Walk is required to raise a minimum amount: $100, including the $5 registration fee, for participants 18 years or older; $25, including the $5 registration fee, for participants under 18.

Jimmy Fund Walk Hero Program

The Hero Program matches adult and pediatric cancer patients and survivors with teams who fundraise and walk in their honor.

Matching Donation

Hundreds of companies make matching donations to Dana-Farber Cancer Institute on behalf of their employees. Increase the impact of your fundraising efforts by submitting a matching donation form to your company today!

Charity Miles App

Download the Jimmy Fund Walk Charity Miles App to track your miles, train with friends or teammates, gather donations and receive important news related to the Jimmy Fund Walk!

Order Materials

The Jimmy Fund Walk offers free items to download and be shipped by mail including Jimmy Fund Walk note cards, Support My Walk flyers, posters, and more. They can be found on the Fundraising Tips and Tools page.

Please note that the Jimmy Fund Walk staff is currently working remotely and the shipping of your order may be delayed.


Any Jimmy Fund Walk participant who raises $1,000 or more is a Pacesetter and earns certain rewards and exclusive invitations. A participant who is under 18 on Walk day and raises $300 is a Young Pacesetter.

Pacesetter Team

Any Jimmy Fund Walk team that raises $10,000 or more is considered a Pacesetter Team. The more money that is raised to help conquer cancer, the higher the team can climb up the Pacesetter teams ladder!

Participant Center

Your Participant Center is your Jimmy Fund Walk headquarters. Log in with your username and password to update your personal or team fundraising page with your story and a photo, access donor reports, track fundraising progress, view Walk day information, check your to-do list, and send emails to your contacts.

Participant ID

Your participant ID is a unique number assigned to you when you register for the Jimmy Fund Walk. This number can be found in your Participant Center main screen. Please include your participant ID when you mail in checks to support your fundraising efforts.

Personal Donation

Making a donation to support your own Jimmy Fund Walk fundraising efforts demonstrates to your donors that you are asking them to give to a cause that you also support.

Personal Fundraising Page

Registered walkers will receive a personal fundraising page. This page can be customized with a photo or video, information on why you walk, and allows you to see how much you have raised and track your fundraising progress.

Personal Page URL

Jimmy Fund Walk participants can set up a custom link to their personal fundraising page. This can be set up in your Participant Center by selecting "Create Custom URL" in your next steps. You can then email this customized website link and/or post it on social media.

Team Fundraising Page

Each registered Jimmy Fund Walk team will receive a team fundraising page. This page can be customized with why the team walks, who they walk for, and a photo or video.

Young Pacesetter

A Jimmy Fund Walk participant who is under 18 (as of Walk day) who raises $300 or more.