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Fundraising events allow you to raise money towards your goal while having fun, engaging your supporters, and increasing your impact. The Jimmy Fund Walk staff can help you plan a successful fundraiser by providing resources and materials such as banners, lawn signs, flyers, and more.


Love to workout? Family owns a pizza shop? Utilize your resources and interests and have fun! Don’t forget to check out our “Fun Ways to Fundraise” guide for additional creative ideas.

Fundraising event ideas: Trivia night

Trivia Night

Fundraising event ideas: Bake sale

Bake Sale

Fundraising event ideas: Yard sale

Yard Sale

Fundraising event ideas: Opportunity drawing

Opportunity Drawing

Fundraising event ideas: Pizza party

Pizza Party

Fundraising event ideas: Fitness class

Fitness Class


The first step in getting started is filling out an event planning form as part of our event approval process. Leave your contact info below, and a member of the Jimmy Fund Walk staff will reach out to assist you.

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The featured event for fundraising at the Boston Marathon Jimmy Fund Walk


Amy, mother of young pacesetter Blakely, is a long-time walker and team captain who teaches her daughter the importance of giving back.

“Giving back to Dana-Farber and the Jimmy Fund is something my family has been doing since I was diagnosed with Colon Cancer. Now that my daughter is in preschool I wanted her to participate more and teach her the importance of giving. Having her whole class take part in our lemonade stand was a wonderful learning experience!”