John Legere’s #MatchtoConquerCancer

2 Months. 900+ Donors. $4.5M Raised!

In less than two months' time, more than 900 people joined John Legere, CEO of T-Mobile, in raising $4.5 million for Dana-Farber Cancer Institute’s Profile initiative.

Profile is one of the most comprehensive, patient-based cancer genomics projects in the world. It's allowing scientists to better understand why cancers behave the way they do, and is aiding in finding targeted, less toxic treatments for patients.

Thanks to funding from John Legere’s #MatchtoConquerCancer campaign, our doctors will be able to:

Thank you to all who participated.
Together, we can conquer cancer.

If you’d like to join John and his friends in supporting genetic research at Dana-Farber, please contact Mark Veligor at or 617-632-5428.