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Help Hilary fight cancer!
Help Hilary fight cancer!

Why I Run: My mission to raise $37,000

As a two-time cancer survivor, I feel an obligation to make a genuine difference to progress cancer treatments, especially in honor of those cancer ninjas who have lost their battles. Therefore, this April 9th marks not only the 28th anniversary of my life-saving bone marrow transplant for acute myeloid leukemia (AML) but also the beginning of 100 days where I will run, cycle, hike, walk, and do everything I can do, in order to raise $38,000 for innovative cancer research. 

In some ways, this isn't a new mission. I've run the Boston Marathon to raise money for cancer research, and with support from so many of you, over the past 13 years we have raised more than $275,000. Over this time, new life-saving therapies have been discovered as a direct result of our fundraising.

The cruel reality is that as a survivor, cancer is never really in my past. Due to the harsh treatment, I must face the long-term side effects including cardiac issues and a risk of secondary cancers. This became my reality 9 years ago when I was diagnosed with low stage breast cancer, likely due to the radiation I had received before my bone marrow transplant. In many ways, I continue to look over my shoulder, aware of my reality. But I can still say that I'm one of the lucky ones... a survivor. And because of this, I've stepped it up again this year. ​

On April 9th—my 28th cancerversary!—I embark on a 100 day mission to run and cycle my way to $37,000 for innovative, cornerstone cancer research ($28k for 28 years leukemia free and $9k for 9 years breast cancer free). As a critical part of this, on Monday, April 15th, I will run the Boston Marathon for the 12th time!

THANK YOU, from the bottom of my heart, for your continued support as we strive for the ultimate finish line, a world without cancer.




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