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Walk to wipe out cancer!
Walk to wipe out cancer!

Together we can help wipe out cancer!

To help find cure for cancer, 

I am running The Boston Marathon in April and Walk the same route in Oct 2020 to fund raise for cancer research.

 December 2019 marks the 11th Memorial for Cheun Lee. While time marches on, there will always be a place in our hearts that misses the husband, father and friend that cancer took away all too soon. However, my children, Larissa, Derek and I are committed to raising funds and to finding a cure against this life-altering disease. This is our story…

In April of 2008, our father and husband, Cheun Lee, was diagnosed with epithelioid sarcoma, a rare form of soft tissue cancer. While we were lucky enough to be close to some of the leading sarcoma doctors in the field at Mass General Hospital, fighting this disease was an uphill battle. Dad was treated with intensive chemo, radiation and surgery to remove the football sized tumor that had quickly grown inside his body. Despite all efforts, we were on the losing end of this battle. Cheun passed away on December 24, 2008, Christmas Eve. For those of you counting, that is only 8 months from the time he was diagnosed.
Now, we don’t want to spend too much time on what a great father Cheun was (because he was the best!) or what a great husband Cheun was (because he loved our Mom dearly), or what a great friend he was (because he made so many people smile and laugh) because I want to motivate you to donate. Here are just some of the many reasons:
•    My dad will never get to celebrate his 52nd birthday
•    My parents weren't able to celebrate their 26th wedding anniversary together
•    My dad was not able to see Derek graduate from college, and medical school
•    My dad will not be able to walk Larissa down the aisle one day or buy her first home (someday)
•    Cheun will not make people laugh with his witty banter
•    Father’s Day will never be the same

While life goes on, it doesn’t hurt any less to not have your father and husband share it with you. Though Cheun is no longer here with us, we try our best to live life in ways that honor his memory. We hope that you will donate to our page and support us on our efforts to find cure for cancer. No one should have to lose a loved one before their time.

Remember to hold your family and friends close and thank you for your support! Together, we can conquer cancer!  


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Every dollar raised helps fuel Dana-Farber Cancer Institute's 50-50 balance between lifesaving research and total patient care.
Together, we can conquer cancer!