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Always Fighting Forward!!
Always Fighting Forward!!

4th Annual Jimmy Fund Walk - Viva La Marcos

In August 2017, I received a call from my best friend and roommate Marcos. He told me that he was just diagnosed with bone cancer. I was absolutely floored.  A few weeks later, Frasher and I participated in our first Jimmy Fund Walk.

In 2020, Marcos continues his battle. Through the countless rounds of chemo, surgeries, trials, hospital trips, you name it, Markitos has never once held his head low. He is an absolute warrior and inspiration. 

Dana-Farber has and continues to be instrumental in his fight against cancer. I've seen firsthand the tremendous research and care they provide to all patients. That's why I will always support the Jimmy Fund and Dana Farber. 

I want to especially thank all the people who participated in our first Superbowl Contest (names just in order of the boxes!):

Mike Penella

Rugrat Mikey Moore

Eric & Kiki Fay

Chris Shultz

Michael Lara

Rich Cummings

Kyle Edgar

Vladimir Olchanski

Robert Kreis

Mike D'Ambrosio

Jean the Bean D'Ambrosio

Julia & Ted Avery

Ricky Rambis / Matt Gentile

Marcos Flegmann himself!

BJ Hyvaringeeadunin & Ally Calovine

Uncle Jerry the GOAT Dentist

Mick Breuninger

Jaclyn Calovine

Rude Ass Devils

Dan Deluca

Michael Liachowitz

Adam Meza

Frasher Ulaj

Chrissy Harris

Katharine & Matt Podgurski

Kyle Burdi

Sean Aurigemma

Matt Deehan

Betty Sandler

Nicole & Jay Langer

Julie Richmond

Lee Cherry

Michael Perry

Freddie Brunori

Tim Sheehan

Michigan Mitch

Nick Rutberg

Josh Beh

Kyle Goldberg

Max D'Ambrosio

Adam Czankner

Daria Megotz

Kevin Burke

Andrew Scotchlas

Iris Calovine

Chris Roan

Rick Beneduci

Brittney & Adam Kish

Kendall Kellaway III

Greg Lukasik

Paul Byrne

Chuck D'Ambrosio

Brock Donnelly 

Justan Mitchell 

Colin Burke

Eddie Rosen

Johnny Meyers

Steven Jacobi

Miller Holmes

Bill Calovine

Alex Rush

Scott Worth

Liz O'Keefe

Billy Affsa

Leart Ulaj

Brandon Carcuffe



Drew Breuninger's Team: Viva La Marcos


Fundraising Honor Roll
Allisyn Calovine
Alvaro Sol
Barba Roja
Betty Flegmann
Boris Lipovetsky
Brian D
Curtis and a Kelsey Dulac
David Moreno
David Troyce
Drew Breuninger
Greg Lukasik
Iris Calovine
James Gattuso
Jimmy Little
Kelly Walsh
Matthew Harrison
Microsoft for Igal Flegmann Sandler
Mike Valencius
Mr. Adam Fischer
Mr. Drew Breuninger
Mr. James Sherman
Mr. Robert Kreis
Mrs. Kristyn Fay
Nicole Somma
Rachel Lehman, Matt Deehan, Keira Rijsemus, and Courtlyn Kramer
SuperBowl Contest Participants - Special Thanks to everyone! Names listed in Description!
Laboratory technicians
Every dollar raised helps fuel Dana-Farber Cancer Institute's 50-50 balance between lifesaving research and total patient care.
Together, we can conquer cancer!