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We have had a rough year. You read and watch movies about families going through cancer. But you never really understand the physical and emotional toll it takes on everyone involved. 

My mom was diagnosed with Ovarian cancer in April of 2018. Our world was turned upsidedown. We decided we would fight. Through chemo, urter issues, colon issues...we fought and we fought hard.... and through the darkness...somehow we came through to the otherside around November. Mom was cleared. THANK GOD! 

Fast forward to early March 2019....and we learned that moms cancer had returned. This time in her abdominal wall, spleen and liver. Not soon after her diagnosis she began having severe pain in her kidneys. It was determined that she had kidney stones. Kidney stones can not pass correctly with her ureter they had to do a procedure to place tubes in her back to get the stones out. All but one came out. The largest one needs to be removed surgically. Mom was released with a course of antibiotics and sent home to heal.

Mom was admitted back to the hospital on March 30th. She couldn’t eat or drink anything without it coming back up. It was determined through xrays that there was a blockage in her bowels prevent any food or liquid through. They place a tube down her nose to try and clear it away and gave her a nutrition bag to make sure she was getting all her nutrients for chemo. The blockage was starting to become smaller and she was allowed liquids.

This weekend her pain has become unbearable. She is incoherent at times.. test have confirmed that there is a tumor pressing on her bowels. This cancer is Extremely aggressive and also has shown up on her gallbladder. They are hoping that chemo will reduce the size of the tumor on her bowels or surgically remove the tumor. It is not clear if it will be effective...or even the right choice for the condition she is in. 

As family we feel like our hands are always tied behind our backs. And often times feel helpless. One of the most uplifting moments of 2018 was walking the 26.2 miles for mom and all the other loved ones that we have lost over the years

It is so so so extremly important that we make strides to find a cure for cancer. The loved ones lost, financial hardships, and pain that patients and family expirence is overwhelming. We need to find an effective cure.

When you make a gift to my walk, you’re directly supporting Dana-Farber Cancer Institute’s unique 50-50 balance between cutting-edge science and highly compassionate cancer care. Your support allows Dana-Farber leaders to enhance programs and initiatives that serve pediatric and adult patients and their families.

Thank you for supporting my participation in the Boston Marathon Jimmy Fund Walk. Together, we can conquer cancer!


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