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Mom, Mary Lou and me with Wicked Awesome Sign!
Mom, Mary Lou and me with Wicked Awesome Sign!

My Walk Is Dedicated to My Mom, Carolyn Barney, Who Survived Lymphoma But Sadly Passed July 10, 2023

I am dedicating my walk this year to my mom, Carolyn Barney.  She passed away on July 10, 2023, after a fall which broke her arm and hip.  She had survived lymphoma back in 2016 which included serious stomach surgery and many rounds of chemotherapy.  Her cancer treatments saved her life but also kickstarted her dementia, which progressed slowly.  She still found tremendous joy in life with her expanding family.  Mom summed up her life as “A Happy Life”.

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2003, 20 years ago.  In 2006, my husband Rick was diagnosed with prostate cancer, 17 years ago.  In 2010, my daughter Amy was diagnosed with leukemia, my son Matt was her stem-cell donor, 13 years ago.  Sadly, family members who did not survive cancer were my dear brother Chuck, Rick’s Aunt Joan, and cousin Cathie among others.  My mom, Uncle Sal, and Uncle Ed survived their cancer diagnosis.  Cancer affects everyone.

Cancer touches everyone and cancer does not discriminate.  We need to continue with research and clinical trials to help more cancer patients survive their cancer diagnosis.  Every year, cancer treatments get better.  Anyone diagnosed with cancer has better treatment options due to the research being done at Dana-Farber.  Donating to my Jimmy Fund walk will help give all those diagnosed with cancer a better chance of survival.

I am blessed with two grandchildren, Lucas, who turned 4 this spring and a new granddaughter, Natalie, who will turn 1 in June.  I hope you will be able to give not only for my grandchildren’s future but for all of us.

There is much anxiety in the world today and there are many things that are out of our control.  One thing is certain: showing kindness to one another will help us get through this.  We need empathy for others and know that we may not understand how someone else is feeling, especially if we haven’t lived or walked in their shoes.

Remember, you are in charge of your own life. You may not have control over everything that happens in your life, but you do have choices on how you handle what life gives you. Live each day. Take good care of yourself. Exercise, eat healthy, get enough rest, and please don’t smoke. Do things in moderation, laugh often, think positively, have faith in God and pray.

Especially, be thankful for your blessings and be kind to yourself and to others.

Thank you for supporting my participation in the Boston Marathon Jimmy Fund Walk. Together, we can conquer cancer!

Janet Lane




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