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The finish line of Jimmy Fund Walk 2019!
The finish line of Jimmy Fund Walk 2019!

Stay Calm and Walk On!

This will be my 6th year donning my sneakers to walk for the Jimmy Fund and to beat cancer!! As you can imagine, the Covid19 pandemic has changed the inspiring and traditionally successful Jimmy Fund Walk 2020. This year's official Jimmy Fund Walk has now become a "Walk Your Way" and I am happy to report that our small, but dedicated, team will be all walking together along the Upper Charles Rail Trail for a total of 18 miles on Saturday, September 19th, 2020. We will be wearing masks and social distancing, of course!

While Covid19 has seemingly halted most everything in its tracks, it has not ended the steady and consistent diagnoses of new cancers. It has not stopped the battles that so many cancer patients and their families are still fighting. In the midst of the MA "surge" last spring, while everyone's attention was on Covid19, my mother lost another close friend, Marsha Kelley, to this dreaded cancer disease. 

With the amazing generosity of people like you who have supported me and many others, there has been remarkable progress made in the prognosis of certain cancers. My dear friend, Janice, diagnosed with breast cancer over one year ago successfully completed her year of chemo, radiation and monoclonal antibodies in June and is now cancer-free. My husband, Glenn, continues to be regularly monitored at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute and is doing just fine.

Because of Covid19, fundraising is down across the country for most charitable foundations. Despite Covid19, or in spite of, I will still be walking this year and would be honored if you were able to support me. 

As always, I understand if you're unable to donate this year and simply ask that you think of me and my friends walking 18 miles on Saturday, September 19th. I will be thinking of you, of our family and friends who are fighting this cancer disease, and of course, will carry in my heart the memory of our loved ones who have lost their battles with cancer:

Jeff, Mollie, Harold, Uncle Bob, Sue, Shirley, SueAnn, Carl, Kyle, and Marsha...

Thank you!


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