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Taken at the finish line last year, with about 200 of my Team Tara teammates!
Taken at the finish line last year, with about 200 of my Team Tara teammates!

Please Help Me To Help Others

For my fourth year now, I am walking the Jimmy Fund half marathon walk  to raise funds for cancer research and treatments. 

Last year I was particularly motivated by the death of my friend Pam, who lost her battle to breast cancer. This year three more friends have died: Janet from a brain tumor, Jack from an eye cancer that metastasized to his liver, and Duane from a cancer that covered many of his internal organs. Several more friends are currently battling cancer, and I even had my own minor experience with skin cancer this year -- thankfully taken care of.  

We have it in our power to make a difference. There are new treatments being developed all the time, like stem cell therapies, which completely reversed lymphoma in another of my friends. Cancer can be reduced to a manageable condition, if not completely cured, and that would be progress and hope for so many. But of course it takes funds to find these new treatments.  

One hundred percent of your contribution to my walk is tax deductible, and half of it will go to the groundbreaking work of Dr. Kimmie Ng, who is finding new therapies for pancreatic and other endocrine cancers. Would you please consider giving to this worthy cause? 

And if you'd like to join our walk team, let me know and I'll help you sign up! Walk day is always fun and inspiring. 

With thanks and all best wishes,



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