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I'm not crying. You're crying.

Wilms' Tumor - my cancer - has an astonishing 93% survival rate.

Miracles happen every day because people like you help places like the Jimmy Fund cure cancer.

But we couldn't help Skylar, Lexi or Sebastian. To their families - to me - 93% isn't nearly enough.

The 7%. That's why I laced up my sneakers this morning and am going to sob my way down the Boston Marathon route today for the Jimmy Fund. That's why I'm asking you to donate $100 or whatever you can afford to the Jimmy Fund right now. Together, we're going to close the gap for that last 7%.

I've it said before: I have no shame about this cause. If you're happy I lived, please send some money to the Jimmy Fund. If you’re not happy I lived, well maybe send some money to the Jimmy Fund for those other kids who didn't, you jerk.

Seriously, anything you can spare will do a world of good. Every dollar you give today - every single dollar - helps some other kid make it. Every donation means another kid has a chance to get through the worst days of their life. It means they have a shot to come back 40 years later and pass it on to even more kids.

The work I do for the Jimmy Fund is the work I'm most proud of, but I simply could not do it without so many people like you who like me enough to help. It’s a profound and inspiring act of generosity.

Thanks so much for even considering a donation.

We're walking the marathon route today, so get your gift in right away. Your money will make a real difference. I'm living proof.

thanks again,

PS - Finn's beating me in fundraising right now. Seriously. I can't have that, so please help me out.


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