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"We'll reach the ULTIMATE finish line  A WORLD WITHOUT CANCER."
"We'll reach the ULTIMATE finish line A WORLD WITHOUT CANCER."

Every Dollar Makes a Difference!

On Sunday, October 3rd - Aaron, Skylar & I will once again be walking virtually in the Boston Marathon Jimmy Fund Walk. We’ll be walking in memory of my wonderful Dad “Marty” and Aaron’s beautiful Mom “Pammy” and for so many of our friends & family who have personally experienced the effects of cancer.

I moved to Boston in May 2000, and on September 14, 2000 I lost my Father - Martin Trueheart – 59 years young to Esophageal Cancer. Running, biking and now walking over the past 21 years is a small way for me to honor the memory of my Father.  Mile after mile and year after year - nothing will come close to the challenge my Father faced with cancer. In our 29 years together, my Dad shared so much of his wisdom, knowledge and strength.  He had a strong work ethic which has always helped me to reach my goals.  He showed me that hard work and persistence do pay off.  He touched the lives of people in everything he did throughout his lifetime.  As the days go by, my love, respect and admiration for my Father grows stronger and stronger. My DAD was truly a wonderful person!  He was my HERO, and every mile I continue to walk will be in his honor. 

Thank you SO much for your continued support!  


Dina, Aaron & Skylar (TEAM carPEDiem)


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