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In the Fusion Chair @JimmyFund with Nixon getting a Blood Transfusion
In the Fusion Chair @JimmyFund with Nixon getting a Blood Transfusion

My little brother is a Leukemia fighter and i walk to help stop any other big brother having to watch what i watch.

Most people have a brother or a sister.. well try and put yourself in my shoes, overnight, my family were faced with childhood cancer.. overnight, everything changed. It is very unfair my little brother Nixon has to go through so much pain, feeling so unwell, being rushed to hospital in the middle of the night at the first sign of a fever. It is very unfair that I watch my mum and dad juggle everything to try and make life normal when it is not. It is very unfair that my best friend is sometimes too weak to play with me. It is very unfair that sometimes I feel left out and that my needs come second to Nixon's whilst he is undergoing this treatment.

For 2 years  minimum we will be focused on Nixon's wellness. For 2 years, we are at the mercy of the doctors and the science. For 2 years we can't travel home to Australia to see our friends and family. For 2 years we can't go on holidays.

Please help me help Nixon and kids and other brothers and sisters like us. This is really hard on a family. No-one should have to endure a childhood with cancer. No-one.

When you make a gift to my walk, you’re directly supporting Dana-Farber Cancer Institute’s unique 50-50 balance between cutting-edge science and highly compassionate cancer care. Your support allows Dana-Farber leaders to enhance programs and initiatives that serve pediatric and adult patients and their families.

Thank you for supporting my participation in the Boston Marathon Jimmy Fund Walk. Together, we can conquer cancer!


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