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Conquer Cancer with Dana-Farber and the Jimmy Fund!
Conquer Cancer with Dana-Farber and the Jimmy Fund!

THANK YOU!! Thank you for your support -- emotional and financial

Getting "the news" wasn't supposed to happen like that.  When you hear your wife has a life threatening disease you're supposed to have more notice.  You're supposed to be surrounded by loved ones and medical professionals.  It's not supposed to happen when your 43.  It's not supposed to happen via a cell phone call from your wife when you're on your way to pick up your 6 and 3 year olds from daycare!  It's just not supposed to happen!  Period. I've come to learn, it does.  It does happen. It happens to the young and the old; to men and to women; and to family, close friends, and long-ago acquaintances.  Sadly, it happens. It's not fair, but it happens.

Why do I walk?  Well, as the above eludes to and as many of you know, Gabby was diagnosed with Triple Negative BRCA Positive Breast Cancer in the Fall of 2013.  That began a long cancer journey, and contrary to one of our family mottos which states, "Work the solution, not the problem", at first I was very much working the problem!!!  Fortunately, you rallied to our side -- you our family, friends, and medical professional partners.  With your help and support, I/we "toggled up" and moved into solution mode.  

Our key medical partners on this journey were the medical professionals at Dana Farber Cancer Institute.  Their expert teams found us the medical treatments Gabby needed, and she was treated in a supportive and "comfortable" environment.  For this I will be forever greatful!!!

So, why do I walk? I walk to continue "working the solution."  Together, we must continue raising the funds that will help the teams at Dana Farber continue treating our family, friends, and loved ones.  So much progress has been made but  more work still needs to be done!

If you are able, please support our efforts.  Thanks in advance for your support - financial and emotional.

Gabby - I love you!  Every day!  I have such admiration for everything you are and what you continue to do as a volunteer at Dana Farber.  Keep it up!!  Team Gabby is behind you every moment!!


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