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Help me support Cancer cure research with Dana-Farber and the Jimmy Fund!
Help me support Cancer cure research with Dana-Farber and the Jimmy Fund!


Hello friend,

I am participating in the 2022 Boston Marathon® Jimmy Fund Walk, presented by Hyundai, taking steps toward the ultimate finish line: - A world without cancer!  My reason for doing this is a little historical and a little personal.  It’s a long post but I ask your patience and read through.


Back in 1948, when Bill Koster and Dr. Sidney Faber got together to raise funds towards cancer research, they found a young cherubic lad to spearhead the effort as a poster child representing all who had been afflicted by cancer.  His name was Einar Gustafson and nicknamed Jimmy.  A radio personality, Ralph Edwards interrupted his own show, ‘Truth or Consequences’ to air Jimmy interaction with his favorite baseball team, then known as Boston Braves, whose some team members milled around Jimmy’s hospital bed.  The transmission lasted for a whole 8 minutes, throughout the United States.  It generated joy and excitement for Jimmy and to thousands of listeners who willingly donated towards the first Jimmy Fundraiser whose target was $20,000 but surpassed the target by more than 10 times. 


When I read about that story in Siddhartha Mukherjee’s book “Emperor of All Maladies”, I wanted to re-live that euphoric moment in the Spring of 1948.  By walking the Half Marathon distance along the iconic Boston Marathon trail, it will mimic the Boston Braves visit to Jimmy’s room.  I hope the ensuing kind donations, following the radio broadcast, will be duplicated in your part by online donating here.  When you make a gift (cash, cheer of share my hyperlink to this page) to my Walk, you’re directly supporting Dana-Farber Cancer Institute’s unique 50-50 balance between cutting-edge research and compassionate patient care. Your support allows Dana-Farber leaders to enhance programs and initiatives that serve pediatric and adult patients and their families.


I recently learned of demise of a good friend Siri Lynn Sitton, lost to a rare form of cancer that spread quickly and took her life within a year or so of diagnosis.  I first met Siri in Kenya back in 2002 when she worked for the US department of State as a Public Diplomacy Officer for East Africa.  I relocated to the US the following year and made it my second home.  We intermittently checked on each other upon her return to the US and the last and only other time we saw each other in person was summer of 2018.  Despite surviving the Covid-19 shenanigans, early 2021, she was diagnosis made her reach out to me to learn more about Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, where I work, as she explored her treatment options.  She chose to have her treatment in Virginia, which was close to her family and did not want to be too far from her son Tyr who she loved deeply.  We texted back and forth during her treatment, offering courage and hope.  It was heart breaking when one my intermittent texts, checking on her was replied by someone else in her family with the devastating news.  Siri had passed on peacefully three months earlier, on May 1st, 2022.   May her beautiful soul rest in peace.


I have had the privilege of working at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in the last 6 years, serving the scientific research and clinical trials communities in my capacity as an Associate Biosafety Officer in the department of Environmental Health and Safety.  I have seen how hard they work and heard wonderful accolades from the patients they treat.  I have met Jimmy; I am Jimmy, and anyone could know or be Jimmy.  I am running for Siri’s memory and for Dana-Farber Cancer In statue research support


Giant steps have been made in cancer research, but we are not quite out of the woods.  We will push on until there are no more ‘Jimmys’ out there.

Thank you for supporting my Jimmy Fund Walk fundraising efforts. Together, we can defy cancer!  Lets do this!!!


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