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Dear friends and family,

On September 23rd Team Q will be at it again in the 30th annual Boston Marathon Jimmy Fund Walk. Alex, Christina, and I along with the other members of Team Q, will be walking to raise funds for the Dana Farber Cancer Institute and specifically for the work of Dr. Eric Jacobsen (my dad's oncologist). Since Taylor’s death in 2007, Team Q has raised just shy of $200,000 for Dr. Jacobsen’s research and development of new drugs in the area of lymphoma.

This year we have something very special to celebrate—a success story in the world of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. A dear friend, Tigran Palazyan, was treated for the disease for the past seven months by Dr. Jacobsen and his team at DFCI. Tigran’s story is one of two worlds colliding in the most wonderful way. As many of you know, the Mirak family has been a long time supporter of The Armenia Tree Project and I am a member of the ATP board. The Armenia Tree Project plants trees and forests throughout Armenia, provides environmental education in schools, and reduces poverty through employment and backyard nursery programs. Tigran is the chief propagator at ATP and has been an employee for over 20 years. When he was diagnosed last year in Armenia, the medical treatment that he needed was unavailable to him. The founder of ATP flew Tigran and his daughter to Boston to be treated at DFCI where he was under the care of Dr. Jacobsen and others. Tigran spent his time in the Boston area learning more English, continuing to plant everywhere and anywhere that he could, and devoting himself to his treatment and recovery. And in June of this year, Tigran was declared cancer free! He and his daughter were able to return to Armenia where he has resumed his position at ATP, and all of the staff are so grateful to have him and his expertise back where it belongs! Success stories like Tigran’s will continue to become more common with the help of all of us.

“Support from the Jimmy Fund Walk is critical to the success of our research mission, most notably our efforts in developing immunotherapies for lymphoma. This year we are launching several new projects including a combination of a personalized lymphoma vaccine in combination with an antibody designed to boost the ability of the recipient’s immune system to attack lymphoma. We have also created an enormous “tumor bank” that is allowing us to develop targeted treatments for the rare but aggressive T-cell non-Hodgkin lymphomas. The programs, amongst others, are supported by the Jimmy Fund Walk and have resulted in unprecedented advances in the treatment of lymphoma.”  
-Dr. Eric Jacobsen, July 2018

Please join Team Q in continuing to support this crucial work.  You can donate at TeamQ
or mail a check made out to The Jimmy Fund to our home address:

Thank you in advance for your kind support.

Much love,

Alex and Team Q


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