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October 18, 2021

Dear Family and Friends,

Again this year the Boston Marathon Jimmy Fund walk was virtual.  So, we are deferring our big plans for a last organized walk by Team Diane and associated celebration until 2022.

But, thanks to Team Diane’s captain Carol Cashion and some of the team’s hard core, 17 members walked in various places at various times and raised over $16,000 to date.

My fiancée Julia and I joined a contingent organized by Carol for a loop around Prospect Park in Brooklyn a couple of weeks ago.

As you can see from the attached photos, we were joined by our daughter Natalie, son-in-law Nick and grandson Hudson.  I had the privilege of pushing Hudson most of the way, with lots of time to chat but also time to reflect as we approach the 11th anniversary of Diane’s death.

You know, Team Diane serves many purposes.

Fundraising for sure.  Roughly half of the over $700,000 in Diane’s Fund is attributable to Team Diane’s walkers and their sponsors.  All of which is making a difference in the length and quality of the lives of countless women with ovarian cancer.

But, in my view anyhow, an equally important purpose is keeping Diane’s spirit alive.  On the walk it occurred to me that this is so not only for those who knew and loved her and come together for this walk, but equally so for some who will only know of her from stories told, photographs, home movies, etc.

Take our grandson Hudson for example.  Oh, Diane will be ever present in our homes and lives as she is now, and he will come to appreciate his YaYa and the hand she had in shaping each of us and our family.  But the legacy of Team Diane will allow him to appreciate his YaYa’s reach beyond that as someone who meant so much to so many that years out they come together to walk in her footsteps and support the cause she selected as her time drew to a close.  At the moment, I cannot think of anything else we could do that would give him this measure of Diane when he is old enough to take it.

So, I am again asking that you consider supporting Team Diane by clicking the Donate tab.   I will match your sponsorship dollar for dollar (and I have placed a $1,000 down payment on that match and look forward to topping it up).

I hope you and yours have managed to stay safe during these challenging times and remain so for the duration.

Thank you,



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