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Conquer Cancer with Dana-Farber and the Jimmy Fund!
Conquer Cancer with Dana-Farber and the Jimmy Fund!

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I am walking to support the great work done by this Institution.  I am walking to support the the place the helped to save my wive's life and I am walking to support Dr. DeAngelo so that he can continue his work and find a cure for Cancer.  By donating to my team your funds are directly going to support the research done by Dr. D.  This man, doctor is amazing. He was one of the founders of the treatments and techniques that was used to save Jess's life and now his research is continuing to find new ways to fight cancer.

Here's why we can't let him and his team slow down. In the past few years, him and his team have discovered and pushed through 9 new therapeutic drugs and just received their first t-cell drug approval for adults this year which is AMAZING progress! T-cells are part of the immune system and this groundbreaking form of therapy collects T-cells from the patient, modifies those cells to latch on & kill cancer cells, and then reinfuses them back into the patient. This specific form of therapy and research development is critically important as it is being used on patients that have rarer forms of leukemia that don't yet have high survival rates. 

For Jess, she was a lucky one. They had a treatment plan and it worked. But for far too many patients, the treatment plans don't work and having this sort of 'back up' plan can be their last chance at beating this disease. The best part is that this form of therapy is not restricted to leukemia, so while Dr. D and his team initially focused their research efforts on leukemia patients, this therapy is now being tested on other types of cancers. The cherry on top? Dr. D is an established physician and educator at Harvard Medical School and he shares his findings internationally so that thousands of communities & future cancer patients can benefit from his discoveries. Net net is that his team is making an impact on cancer research across the globe but they can't do it without a lot of financial support and that's where we come in!!! 

Thanks for the support.

Mike Stevens
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