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TOP 10 Reasons to donate to BushyStrong Jimmy Fund Walk Team

Our team walks in honor of our friend Amy Bushnell Ennis. Here are this years Top 10 reasons you should donate to our Bushy strong team today

10) Amy is a super rad chick. Way cooler than most of the people I know.  
9) Amy’s knowledge of most early rap and 90’s lyrics is strong and she likely can kick your ass in karaoke
8) She wasn’t afraid to rock a Yankees charm in college (a massachusetts college) and a solid spiral permanent with bangs.  See 40th birthday party photos for proof.  
7) She tolerates our constant ridicule of her home state of “Pathetticut” not for any true reason but because it’s fun 
6) Amy’s daughter Blakely is one of the cutest most amazing kids that I would hang around with any day of the week and is wise beyond her years - she makes us all a little cooler by hanging out with her.  
5) She makes a hell of a healthy plant based meal - and even has converted this meat and potatoes gal (who would throw down 5 hotdogs in one sitting) into more of a veggie and plant based eater 
4) She is always a good partner in a nice glass of red wine.  Even if she isn’t drinking it - she will keep pouring it.  
3) She is always so thoughtful and thinks of others before herself even when she just finished surgery.  
2) After several surgeries, removal of various parts of lungs and other areas, she still kicks all of our ass in anything exercise related and is not out of breath like most of us.  She also isn’t afraid to FaceTime in the middle of spin class just for fun. 
1) Because Colon Cancer doesn’t deserve to beat up anyone anymore - and certainly is not welcome in our crew.   We have many years and many things we are still going to do so we need money for treatments and cure.   And today is her 42nd birthday - so wear Blue for National Colon Cancer Day and give money to our team on her behalf.  Don’t be a jerk.  Do it.   


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