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Conquer cancer with the Jimmy Fund Walk!
Conquer cancer with the Jimmy Fund Walk!


Dear Friends and Family,
I’m reaching out to you today because I am planning on participating in the 2020 Jimmy Fund Walk: Your Way that will be held virtually on or around October 4, 2020 (depending on weather conditions and crowds). This year because of Covid-19, we won’t be able to share the half-marathon walk from Wellesley to the finish line in Boston with the many people who are also committed to supporting the Jimmy Fund. We’ll miss the wonderful rest stops that provide encouragement from many supporters, water bottles, and the yummy snacks (and bathrooms!) along the way. Instead, Stuart and I are planning on walking the beautiful 17 miles of New Hampshire coastline from Massachusetts to Maine. I’ve committed to raising funds to be used to support critical cancer research that is vital for pediatric and adult patient care at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.
Over the past years, unfortunately many of us have known close friends and family members who have faced the challenges presented by a diagnosis of cancer. Throughout their battles with this dreaded disease, Dana-Farber has provided a sanctuary for support, information, research, treatment and HOPE!
This year however, once again the fight against cancer has taken on a new personal meaning. My father, Arthur Boren, has been battling bladder cancer that has metastasized. Although he is not being treated at Dana-Farber, the cancer research that is conducted there helps his form of cancer and is far reaching for other types of cancer. My father is determined to keep winning his cancer battle and the new advances in immunotherapy and procedures to treat bladder cancer will hopefully allow others to avoid the experience he has had to endure.
In addition, my wonderful husband, Stuart who was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in February 2018 continues to have his scans and follow-up blood work at Dana-Farber. Fortunately, his most recent scans and blood work continue to indicate no recurrence of cancer. There is not a day that passes that our family is not forever grateful to the amazing doctors and staff at DFCI. Their guidance helped us through the dark days of his illness to the present where he continues to enjoy an active, healthy lifestyle. Throughout Stuart’s treatment, Dana-Farber provided an extremely supportive and caring environment for our family. Their ongoing pancreatic cancer research has prolonged the lives of so many survivors and hopefully studies into an early diagnostic test will help many people in the future.
So, once again I ask you to please join me in continuing the fight against cancer by considering a contribution towards my fundraising efforts. I realize that we all have so many financial commitments especially in this Covid-19 environment, but the funding for cancer research continues to have a huge impact for all of us.
To make a contribution, you can:
•Make a gift right here through my fundraising page
•Send in a check payable to:
Boston Marathon Jimmy Fund Walk
P.O. Box 3595 
Boston, MA 02241-3595
(Please write my name and ID number 1023261 in the memo line).
The sad truth is that cancer affects all of us. By doing my part to help conquer this disease with your support, we can all move closer to the ultimate finish line: a world without cancer.
Thank you in advance for your generosity and time. I appreciate your help. Please stay safe.
Yours in health,




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Together, we can conquer cancer!