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Conquer Cancer with Dana-Farber and the Jimmy Fund!
Conquer Cancer with Dana-Farber and the Jimmy Fund!


Dear Family and Friends,

Thank you for visiting my “Why I Walk” page. I hope you have had a wonderful and healthy summer filled with family, friends and special times together. I’m reaching out to you because once again I am participating in the Annual Boston Marathon Jimmy Fund Walk to be held on October 1, 2023. I am hoping that you will help by contributing to this worthwhile cause which supports Dana-Farber in their relentless fight against cancer.

Cancer remains one of the most pressing health challenges of our time with 1.9 million newly diagnosed cases and over 600,000 deaths expected in the US alone in 2023. This devastating disease touches almost everyone in some way, impacting our friends, family, and communities. I am sure many of you are thinking as you read this letter of someone in your family, or perhaps one of your friends who may have been confronted with a cancer diagnosis.

Our family is tremendously grateful to the doctors and staff at Dana-Farber. My husband, Stuart, will soon celebrate five cancer-free years since his diagnosis of and treatment for pancreatic cancer in 2018. He continues to be seen and monitored by the same caring staff that devised and implemented his care plan of surgery, chemotherapy, and follow-up surveillance in 2018. The genetics team at Dana-Farber has also been directly involved in testing our family for genetic mutations such as BRCA1 and BRCA2. Knowledge about these mutations will better equip our children to be proactive about their own healthcare.

We have seen first-hand the difference that Dana-Farber can make through early detection and intervention, cutting edge therapies and their compassionate care. Dana-Farber’s world-class team of doctors, researchers and caregivers work tirelessly to provide hope and healing to patients and their families.

This kind of excellent care and the research necessary to develop new vaccines and implement cutting-edge therapies cannot be achieved without financial support. Maybe you are thinking, I am just one person, my contribution doesn’t really make a difference. But I can tell you that your donation, no matter how big or small, will directly contribute to lifesaving research and treatment initiatives that will help improve outcomes for patients and bring renewed hope to families facing this awful challenge.  Too many people are suffering with and dying from cancer, and we can make a difference!

When you contribute to the Jimmy Fund Walk, you are helping to make that difference and to create a future where cancer is no longer a deadly threat. Please consider donating to my fundraising efforts and supporting Dana-Farber’s important work.


To make a donation you can:

- Make a gift online by clicking on the Donate link below, or

- Send in a check payable to: 

Boston Marathon Jimmy Fund Walk - P.O. Box  3595, Boston, MA 02241-3595

In the memo line, please say "Jodi Scharff, ID #1023261".

Thank you in advance for your generosity and support. With your help, we can make a significant impact in the lives of those affected by cancer.




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