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Nature's beauty

Dear Friends and Family,

A beautiful sunset is truly a sight to behold, nature's final act before the curtain gives way to nighttime.

Westmeadow Beach is a place where Andrea used to love going to walk and spend time with her family.  Located on the north shore of Long Island, NY, it is a relatively short drive from my parents' home.  Close as it is, Westmeadow can feel like a world away from everything, as time there seems to move at a slower pace.  It is a place where skipping stones can be the highlight of the day, a place where finding special rocks can fill an afternoon, a place where one can feel like swinging into the wide, open sky on the swings located in the nearby playground.  Emma, Alex and Kira loved doing all of these at Westmeadow.

It was a beautiful summer evening when this photo was taken, the kind where the breeze was warm against the skin after a day of mid-August heat.  Watching and waiting for the sun to descend and with it, seeing the sky become aglow with brilliant evening colors, nature often reminds us of the beautiful things in life.  How quickly the sun descends as it gets closer towards the horizon!  And when it finally disappears, it is always heartening to think that somewhere, the sun is rising.

As fall approaches and we navigate our way together into the season with new questions in this covid world we now live in, I am often reminded to take time to think and reflect upon the simple and wonderful things that nature presents.  Things like a sunset that takes our breath away.  I know Andrea would want all of us to enjoy such a moment.  Amid all that life throws, I will continue my efforts to help raise funds for the research that still takes place in search for new therapies and cures to beat this terrible disease, a disease that does not discriminate.

Please consider helping to fund the research of all the scientists, researchers, doctors and nurses who work tirelessly together towards this common goal.  Together, we can make strides towards a world without cancer.

Thank you so much in advance for your support.

With continued wishes for good health and safety,

Much love and peace to all,





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