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More work to be done - need your help please
More work to be done - need your help please

Walking for the Jimmy Fund because of them, I am able to...

As many of you know, I, along with my family, friends and Dana Farber team are well into our 4.5 year journey living with advanced stage Ovarian Cancer. 

What was once a fatal outcome - mine has been one of hope and 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and more chances , with our lives a series of clinical trials.  While some of these trials were no longer effective for me, many of them continue to give hope and life to others.  One has even received FDA approval and is used to treat thousands of other cancer patients!

This year's Walk is extra special for me for 2 reasons:

The first being that I can - last year's found me in the hospital and without the team at Dana Farber, my outcome would have been quite compromised.

The 2nd is to honor John O'Hara, his family and the community he has created. We lost John last winter, but Team shuffle4danafarber lives strong to continue what he started, reminding us always to do what we can to help others.

So please support me. I love and thank you all!



Liza Litzow's Team: shuffle4danafarber Group: Cure NET Cancer Now


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