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Last year at the Finish Line!
Last year at the Finish Line!

Here we go again! Our 7th Jimmy Fund Walk!

On September 22nd, Shelly and I will do our 7th yearly walk in support of the Dana Farber Jimmy Fund. It will be a remarkable moment for us. As you know, I was diagnosed with AML in January 2012 and received my first transplant at the Farber that April. I received a second transplant in January 2014. Since early 2015, I having been taking a new drug that was approved in 2018 by the FDA for AML with my particular mutation--IDH1.  Even though the drug was approved, I continue to receive it through a clinical trial at the DFCI, which monitors my progress.

This past fall, I had another leukemic relapse that required radiation and 6 months of chemo along with another newly approved oral medication. Upon completing these treatments, I had a scan in July which showed that I am, again, cancer free!  At this point, I am doing exceptionally well: teaching and writing, exercising regularly, and most of all, just enjoying my health and my life! Despite many ups and downs, every September since 2013, we have been able to participate in the walk. This year, Shelly and I will again walk 10K on the Boston Marathon route, from Heartbreak Hill to the Prudential finish line.  

I would be so grateful if you could support us again; the funds are used to advance the truly great patient care and research at the Farber, from which I have so greatly benefitted.




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The Strum Family in honor of Allan Brandt with much love
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