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Conquer Cancer with Dana-Farber and the Jimmy Fund!
Conquer Cancer with Dana-Farber and the Jimmy Fund!

Support Those Working for a Cure!

Please consider making a donation to Team DadDad Lou as we support the outstanding teams at the Dana Farber in their search for a cure.  

In April 2005, we lost my dad, Lou Rossetti, in his fight with multiple myeloma, a blood cancer. William was five months old and Jacqui was almost two.

Less than thirty days later - with tears in our eyes - we walked for the first time. 
To do something positive.  To raise awareness. To thank the incredible people who supported him during his illness. And to demonstrate to our young children what it meant to work for change. 

Since 2005, my sister Nancy battled and won. Yet, too many others have struggled. Our hearts have broken again and again as we've said goodbye to too many.

Please join us this Sunday.  Support us. But mostly, keep our family members in your hearts.

Thank you for your loving kindness.

Linda R., Steve, Jacqui and William  


Linda Rossetti's Team: DadDad Lou


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