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Daniel Alfredsson says F**k Cancer!
Daniel Alfredsson says F**k Cancer!

Team Viva La Marcos checking in:

If cancer isn't going to stop our survivors, then you can be sure that Covid-19 isn't stopping us. We'll be back at the Jimmy Fund Walk (safely) together this year and virtually sending our support. The walk is for fun, but the money is very real, and can help a lot of people. Thank you so much for your generous donations.

Our team is back again and growing each year. We've added friends, girlfriends, and hopefully even more donors! Those of you who know Marcos understand why we're out here every year. He is an incredible friend, an inspirational athlete, and truly cares about people. For those of you who don't know Marcos, unfortunately you won't have to look far to find someone in your own life affected by cancer. It is all too common a problem these days, and thankfully our friends at The Jimmy Fund and the Dana-Farber Cancer Insitute are bringing forth more and more solutions.

Together we can make a huge difference in the lives of those that will undoubtedly be affected in the future. I'm no scientist, so I'll stick to walking. As for you? All you have to do is donate.


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Every dollar raised helps fuel Dana-Farber Cancer Institute's 50-50 balance between lifesaving research and total patient care.
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