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Almost 12 years of living since this day!
Almost 12 years of living since this day!

Why I need to walk this Marathon

I am participating in the 2022 Jimmy Fund Walk because I know the treatments Dana Farber create and the care it gives to patience are needed so very much.

I am a Dana Farber snob.  I am here today because it, along with Brigham & Women’s Hospital, saved my life.  This is my story in numbers: a pea size tumor led to this- 6 surgeries, 4 months of chemo, 2 new breasts created, 2 ovaries removed, 6 months of PT and 1 BRCA2 gene mutation.  DFCI has made a lifelong committee to do everything in its power to keep me alive.

Dana Farber’s people are working to save others, knowing so many have been taken from us because of cancer.  They keep excelling at their jobs, whether  it is parking your car, taking your vitals, making you comfortable, learning about and discussing your cancer or discovering that new bit of information  to be used to save everyone.  I know that day is coming.

I am walking for too many who have passed and for too many who have been saved- including my mom, dad, brother Kyle and myself.  But this year I am most inspired by Rosie; she is a beloved, beautiful 19 year old.  I pray her strength and DFCI’s power and creativity will cure her cancer.

Thank you for supporting my Jimmy Fund Walk fundraising efforts. Together, we can defy cancer!


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Together, we can defy cancer!