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My first finish - and my grandchildren who always motivate me to stay healthy!
My first finish - and my grandchildren who always motivate me to stay healthy!


I was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma about 4 years ago.  A colleague of mine, who was being treated for brain cancer at Dana Farber had been asking me to contribute to his walk for several years.  When I told him I planned to do the walk myself for the first time in October 2022, he suggested that I join his team. I was impressed with the organization, the available information, and my friend’s commitment for giving back.  I was particularly impressed that in addition to many walkers supporting Dana Farber in general, many were also supporting their specific cancer.  The latter formed teams of friends and family to maximize the support.

This was my first time joining a fund-raising walk.  It was also the first time I personally reached out to friends and family asking them to contribute to and support my efforts.  I often receive requests from friends and family to support their personal causes, which run the gamut of almost every disease and cause.  I always donated some amount to each.  I also donated time to the parents’ advisory committees at my kids’ schools.  When asked in the past what type of activities and philanthropic activities I like to support, my answer was simple.  I like activities that support my kids’ needs now and in the future.  The Jimmy Fund Walk was the first time I was fund-raising in support of my own current and future needs (as well as all the other patients afflicted with Multiple Myeloma).

Supporting the fight against cancer is central to Dana Farber’s mission.  As part of this mission, Dana Farber also focuses on conquering Multiple Myeloma. Currently, unfortunately, Multiple Myeloma cannot be cured. It can only be controlled, and it is expected to require many different “treatments” to manage it over the course of the disease.  Specific treatments eventually begin to wane, and the disease returns.   So, to maximize quality of life and longevity for those with the illness, it is critical that new approaches and treatments be researched and developed prior to their being needed.  When I have these discussions with Dr. Laubach, the doctor on this journey with me, we look towards the future at the tree of possible treatments.  For all of us dealing with Multiple Myeloma directly or indirectly, the past several years has been very encouraging; many new treatments have been developed (with a significant number at Dana Farber!) providing additional alternatives for controlling the disease. While this is an improvement, we still have a long way to go adding additional treatments and in our search for a more permanent cure. For this reason, I believe that it is vital to keep this important research going and donate funds directly to the Multiple Myeloma research within Dana Farber. With the help of Mia Disano, who is a Senior Assistant supporting the Walk, I chose to establish a team this past October to support Dr. Jacob Laubach’s research directly.

In my 70 years, I have been a patient of many doctors.  Some had significant expertise, and some had great communication skills and empathy.  But prior to Dr. Laubach, I have never been fortunate enough to work with a doctor who so clearly excels in both areas.  I trust him completely and appreciate his empathetic support while he leverages his expertise.  He listens, he explains, and continually advises me based on my specific needs.  I strongly believe that he personally cares about my health and progress, and he is a key member of my support team. 

I first learned about my medical condition just as my daughter told me she was pregnant with our second granddaughter.  I feared that I wouldn’t be around to see her born or grow up.  Well now, along with my wife of almost 50 years, I have been fortunate enough to also see her grow and our first grandson born.  My goal is to stay well for as long as possible for us to see each of the three grow up, as well as continue to be in the lives of our own three children.  There is no greater motivation.  Dr. Laubach and his team, especially NP Katy Goodrich and RN Tricia Morano, have guided me for the past four years. In addition to excellent care, they and their colleagues have given me confidence for the future.  I have been extremely impressed by all the professionals working at Dana Farber and feel lucky that I am a patient at this exceptional hospital.

I know that many of the other patients in the Multiple Myeloma Clinic and their associated family and friends, especially but not only those being treated by Dr. Laubach, are looking for a way (or an additional way) to make a difference in this battle.  This is the reason that I created “Team Multiple Myeloma.”  Last year the team raised close to $7,000 to support Dr. Laubach’s research.  For this year’s upcoming walk, I am hoping the team will raise significantly more to support his research.  But I will need help.  I encourage as many of you who feel the same way as to donate to my walk or to join our team using the Jimmy Fund Web Site. I thank the donators in advance and I look forward to meeting those joining our team in person on the walk this October. Together we can make a difference!


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