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"Don't be an idiot!"

Those were the words of gentle encouragement my dear, sweet girlfriend Vivian gave me ten years ago when I said I wasn't going to get a second opinion at Dana Farber for my cancer treatment.  I had already been diagnosed with a treatable form of cancer up in Lowell near where I lived, and not only were the protocols for treatment well established, but there was a very high probability of a good outcome. I'd need radiation five days a week and chemo every few weeks for a couple of months, so to my way of thinking it would be easier to travel locally for treatment rather than drive down to Boston every single day for months.  

But (and I hate to admit it), like always, she was right. It was idiotic to at least not go for a consultation at one of the best cancer treatment and research centers in the world, so I called for an appointment. And as it turned out, the minute I walked through the doors of the Yawkey Center building I had a sense there was nowhere else I'd rather be.  From that very first consultation with the team of oncologists who would eventually treat me, and at every single step along the way, I knew I made the right choice. 

It's why I feel the need to give back whenever I can, and for the past 8 years, the Jimmy Fund Walk has been how I do that.

So please help me reach my goal by contributing whatever you can, and help Dana Farber fight the battle in treating those with cancer today as well as those who may benefit from groundbreaking treatments in the future.

Thank you


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