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The Jimmy Fund are my 2nd Family. I'm here because of them. Please help me help all the kids like me xx
The Jimmy Fund are my 2nd Family. I'm here because of them. Please help me help all the kids like me xx



This year, on September 22nd 2019 our 4 year old daughter Hannah will partake in the Jimmy Fund Marathon Walk 5k from the Jimmy Fund Clinic to Copley Square as she walks towards her End of Treatment date 5 weeks later... after enduring 2 years, 105 weeks, 770 days of chemotherapy, lumbar punctures, blood draws, blood transfusions and hospital stays. 

Will you walk alongside her and celebrate everything she has achieved?

We have set up team "Hannah's Heros" and would love to make this walk a party and celebration of everything she has achieved WITH YOU and march together towards her new normal of NO MORE CHEMO!





Here is Hannah's story: 

On September 20th 2017 our then 2.5 year old daughter Hannah was diagnosed with Leukemia (B-Cell ALL). In a moment our world imploded. 

It's hard to articulate what Hannah and we as a family have gone through since that day. We went straight into autopilot after being admitted to Boston Children's Hospital. Failure is, and was not, an option. The only option we were lucky enough to have was to put our trust in strangers. Doctors who are experts in their field. Bizarrely, since that day some of those very same doctors, who met us in the ER to confirm Hannah's diagnosis, have become more like our second family alongside the nurses and wider team at The Jimmy Fund Clinic. 

We feel so incredibly lucky to be in Boston. For Hannah to be on a trial led by world renowned doctors from Dana Farber/Boston Childrens Hospital.

We feel lucky. That pretty much articulates our overriding feeling. Perspective is an incredible thing. Walk in our shoes and you will feel lucky. Walk with us - and we will feel luckier to have your support.


Hannah's Walk Story, and why this event means so much to our family: 

On September 24th 2017 we took Hannah from her hospital bed down to the glass bridge over Jimmy Fund Way - the start line of the Jimmy Fund Walk 5k, waving down to the crowd below. Our 2.5 year old little Hannah with a ponytail of curls. 

This was the first hopeful moment we had. Realizing we were not alone.  

A year later, on Sunday September 23rd 2018, Hannah was a Walk Hero for the presenting sponsor of The Jimmy Fund Walk, Hyundai. This event was also a marker of the halfway point for Hannah's 25 months of treatment. She celebrated by entertaining the crowds at the Copley Square finish line  dancing on stage in her usual spritely spirit. For a moment her bald little head and aching joints were invisible. She radiated joy and happiness. That was a HUGE moment for our family.


This year, on Sunday September 22nd 2019, we are going to stand at the 5k start line, under that bridge we stood on 2 years ago after Hannah was first diagnosed, and partake in the 5k to Copley Square to honor our daughter Hannah as she walks towards her End of Treatment date 5 weeks later. At this point in time Hannah will have enduring 105 weeks, 770 days of chemotherapy, Lumbar Punctures, Blood Draws, Blood transfusions and hospital stays. Will you walk alongside her? Please?

Every kilometer marker on this walk will mark each week of treatment Hannah has remaining. 


However a few things will still remain:

- Hannah is 8 times more likely to have a secondary cancer later on in life. As are all children diagnosed with cancer.

- Hannah will continue to have check up's and blood draws for 5 years after her end of treatment date before we hear the words "She is cancer free".

- Cancer. It affects everyone in some way. Without teaming together to fund cancer esearch and eradicate cancer more and more families will walk in our shoes in the future.


Will you join our team? Will you help kick cancers a$$ so no adult or child will have to go through what Hannah has gone through?




Hannah Serpa's Team: Hannah's Heros Group: Dana-Farber Cancer Institute


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