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Conquer cancer with the Jimmy Fund Walk!
Conquer cancer with the Jimmy Fund Walk!

Jimmy Fund Walk 2019

Please join me in supporting the team that cared so diligently for Mr. Edward Baker, a father, husband, and Friend who left light in this world for his family and all those he met. This goal will support a small team of doctors and a close community hoping to learn, develop, and research new treatments and techniques to fight Thyroid cancer. The money you donate will go directly to Dr. Lorch and his team, those who treated Edward and continue to learn from his journey. 

I knew Edward for a brief period of time, and knew little of his life before he was diagnosed. I continue to learn about him every day. Every time I visit the home he helped build, walk the land he chose to live with his family, and eat from the garden he carefully designed each year, I like to think I get to know him better . I have come to know Edward through his family's stories, through their hearts and their heartbreak. He was a beloved man.

The Baker's, myself, and all of Team Thyroid will be walking, dancing, singing, and hugging our way through 13.1 miles on Sunday, September 22nd and would love your support. 


Taylor Levine's Team: Team Thyroid


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