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Conquer Cancer with Dana-Farber and the Jimmy Fund!]
Conquer Cancer with Dana-Farber and the Jimmy Fund!

I'm walking for myself and other cancer patients

I am participating in the 2021 Boston Marathon® Jimmy Fund Walk: Your Way presented by Hyundai, taking steps toward the ultimate finish line: a world without cancer!

Inspired by Paul’s recent efforts and my own need to say a very personal thank you to Dana-Farber, I have enlisted the family to help me raise money for an incredible organization.
      While some already know, the majority of you do not but after some soul searching and discussion at home I’d now like to share what has proven to be a life changing development in many ways. After being diagnosed in December 2019, I have now been living with CML (Chronic Myeloid Leukemia) for 22 months. It has been a struggle to say the least. The advent of Covid and my immunocompromised status has made the journey of acceptance a little longer and lonelier but it has also given me the opportunity to come to terms with this disease and it’s place in my life. I have been blessed to be under the care of Dana-Farber physicians from the first and I will be ever grateful for everything that they are and do. Thanks to the continuing study and advances in the treatment of Leukemia and Cancer over the last 20 years the prognosis for me so far has been favorable. At present I take an oral chemotherapy prescription, daily, which mitigates the effects of the illness. This will continue until tests dictate that this treatment is no longer effective, though up to now it is working well. In short I feel like I owe my life to Dana-Farber and this is one small way that I can give a little back and continue to raise cancer awareness because the fight goes on, every day and everywhere.

Please join me in this endeavor by offering your support. You can do this in several ways by following my fundraiser, liking and sharing my posts, donating towards the cause and even joining my family and I on October 3rd here in Rockland and walking alongside us to celebrate the fight against cancer.

I hope to see you all along the journey sometime soon.

Thank you for supporting my Jimmy Fund Walk fundraising efforts. Together, we can conquer cancer!




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Every dollar raised helps fuel Dana-Farber Cancer Institute's 50-50 balance between lifesaving research and total patient care.
Together, we can conquer cancer!