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Grateful Beyond Words

Completing the marathon in 2022 was not just a personal achievement, but a testament to the power of determination and the unwavering support of my friends, family, and fellow runners.

My friends said I was crazy when I decided to run the race a second time, and maybe I am (!!), but it’s hard to put into words the experience in 2022 to adequately describe why I wanted to take this on again.  The streets of New York witnessed not only a race, but a demonstration of human spirit, and I know I will be humbled once again on Sunday as I conquer the five magnificent boroughs that make up this great city.

With that humility in mind, I am raising funds to help defeat childhood cancer.  We have all been touched by this terrible disease, and childhood cancer is especially cruel.  I would be honored if you would join me in that effort by making a donation to my team, Team Beans!

On a personal note, as a native Mainer (aka Maine-iac), I have also been touched in recent weeks by the tragedy in Lewiston, ME.  I have decided that I will personally be matching all contributions that I receive with a donation to the Maine Community Foundation and their Lewiston-Auburn Area Response Fund.

Both of these important causes will be on my mind and in my heart as I hit the streets on Sunday.  I am dedicating my run to: those who won’t have the chance.

Thank you for your support.


AJF Ferrante's Team: Team Beans


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