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Run and Fight Cancer!
Run and Fight Cancer!

Run and Fight Cancer

Hello. My name is Eojin Kim and I am a PhD student at Harvard University.  Dana-Farber Cancer Institute is Harvard's comprehensive cancer treatment and research institution. I want to raise awareness of cancer and some fundraiser money for Dana Farber in an effort to help with science, care, and expertise associated with Cancer. 

It's very depressing to see a lot of people getting sick or lose their lives because of cancer. Even my close family members had long history of cancer. My mom had Thyroid cancer at the end of 2010. My mom was strong. She never quit going through series of surgeries and treatments. She was again getting healthy and getting back after several years. But again, that didn't last too long and she had breast cancer afterwards. She again went through series of surgeries and treatments. Nowadays, she is still working on getting back to living healthy life. But, cancer didn't leave my close family alone. This time, my dad was diagnosed with Colon Cancer just a couple months ago. He had to go through surgery and is currently going through Chemotherapy. For more than last 10 years, cancer has been making my close family members very unhappy. And, I am sure I am not the only one who is going through this kind of moment. And, I am very thankful that my mom and my dad are fighting hard against cancer. And, I am sure they are going to win this battle.

Cancer makes many of us unhappy, and I'd like to help with science, care, and expertise associated with Cancer. Dana Farber Cancer Institute is one of the top 3 cancer hospitals in the world. And, I believe donating to this organization can be truly meaningful in advancing our science, care, and expertise associated with Cancer. 

I'd like to take and get involved with many running projects and challenges throughout the time.  I am sure challenges and difficulties in those running projects are nothing compared to the battle many cancer patients are going through. 

Any donation you make will go to Dana Farber Cancer Institute to help create world with no cancer. 

​2022 Schedule

Silverheels 100Miler-July 9th 2022- Complete

Bigfoot 200- August 13th 2022- Complete

Rio Del Lago 100Miler-November 5th 2022 - Complete

Across the Years 6 days race (w/ Goal of 500 Miles)- Dec 28th 2022

​2023 Schedule

Zero Calorie 100 Miler at Jackpot Ultra - March 3rd 2023

Cocodona 250- May 1st 2023

Tahoe 200(Triple Crowns of 200s)- June 16th 2023

Bigfoot 200(Triple Crowns of 200s)- August 11th 2023

Moab 240(Triple Crowns of 200s)- October 6th 2023




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