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Conquer Cancer with Dana-Farber and the Jimmy Fund!]
Conquer Cancer with Dana-Farber and the Jimmy Fund!


Oct 2nd- I am participating in the 2022 Boston Marathon® Jimmy Fund Walk and taking steps toward a world without cancer.

This is my 8th year walking, and thanks to all of you each year we have been at Pacesetter level! (Update: congrats you all reached Pacesetter level again this year!)

I started walking to honor my parents Fred and Sylvia Rice, and my best friend Chris McWade- each showing us how to fight cancer with dignity and grace.

My second year I added people I knew, or relatives of friends who had their own fight with cancer. Sadly, since those early years my "Why I Walk" list of loved ones and friends is growing! 

Please share the name of a friend or relative who is/was battling cancer and I will gladly add them to my list!

Thank you for supporting the Jimmy Fund Walk's fundraising efforts. 


Why I Walk? For Family, Friends, and Family of Friends Affected by Cancer:

Fred and Sylvia Rice

Chris McWade

Violet Rice

Joe Sullivan

Mark Rushton

Maria Rushton

Nicole Watson

Colin Crowe

Barb Clement Reilly

Ann Ferzoco

Dave Walsh

John McDermott

Leslie Harris

Dave Clement

Mrs Kaligian (Karen's Mom)

Tricia Conlon

Brenda Murphy Limone

Jane Sexton

Marie Fabiano

Paul Lannigan

Shirley DeFeo

Alan Gadde

Roberta Sanphy

Kristie Commane

John Kippenberger

Russell Gadde

Mildred Gadde

John & Josette Kippenberger

Mike Sheahan

Mary Swarthout

Colleen O'Brien

Tony and Mickie Scarlata

Mary Burke Johnson

Liz Pallis Simmons

Patty Seixas

Dan Sheehan

Pete McWade

Janet Vogini

Trudy Ciampa

Anne Sweeney Pinkham, brothers Mike and Hugh, and sister Jane

Suzanne Klint

Ray McInnis

Tracy MacDonald

James (Carla Abbate's grandson)

Mr Donehey, Mike Donehey’s dad

Helen McDonald, brother Bruce, and Mr and Mrs McDonald (parents). 

Donna Morrissey

Chris Andrews

Tom Joyce

Debra Hagen

Bob and Ida Williams

Rosemary Love (Kathy's mom)

Jean McDermott

Ed Smith

Fran Savioli

Jean Williams

Steve Giambanco




Fundraising Honor Roll
Ann-marie Martin
Anne Marie Wall
Barbara and David Greenwood
Brenda & Doug Limone
Cathy Andrew
Chuck Cardoos
Curtis P. Patalano
David Giancioppo
Debra Marum
Elizabeth Kast
Greg Klint
In Memory of My Sister Mary Burke Johnson!
Jan Kippenberger-Gadde
Joe Sullivan
Kaet Rice
Karen Kaligian
Kathy Robertson
Kevin Burke
Kristen Gula
Kristie Commane
Leslie & Walter Harris
Lina Lepore
Marianne Nicastro
Mickie & Tony Scarlata
Mr. Daniel Rice
Mr. David Rice
Mr. Tim Kast
Mrs. Colleen O'Brien
Mrs. Ellen McWade
Mrs. Lori Lannigan Comiskey
Ms. Gretchen Kast
Ms. Melanie Kirsch
Ms. Susan Chase
Nicole and Rich Watson
Raymond J McInnis JR
Rob Shain
Susan Lyons Smith
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Every dollar raised helps fuel Dana-Farber Cancer Institute's mission.
Together, we can defy cancer!