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Pink Barbarian ROAR!
Pink Barbarian ROAR!

Pink Barbarian Doug Is Marching To SMASH Cancer

I'll never forget the moment my wife Laura told me she had cancer. I'd had been excited about a new job I'd just landed and had completely forgotten she was even getting a lump checked out. I was sitting in a car full of coworkers and everything just froze. I couldn't hear any of them. None of it mattered anymore.

But we were so lucky to be able to benefit from the cutting edge research and life saving care of Dana-Farber. They saved my wife's life. 

3 years later, I had my own battle with cancer. And once again Dana-Farber was there to save the day.  

We have Dana-Farber to thank for every kids birthday, every fun moment with friends and every unforgettable milestone we've achieved. We literally couldn't have done it with out them.

That is why I march every year, leading a team of fierce Pink Barbarians. We set out to SMASH cancer so more can fight to live another day. 

Please donate what you can to the amazing cutting edge research and care of Dana-Farber. You will will help save someone's life. It might even be your own. 


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Every dollar raised helps fuel Dana-Farber Cancer Institute's 50-50 balance between lifesaving research and total patient care.
Together, we can conquer cancer!