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Conquer Cancer with Dana-Farber and the Jimmy Fund!]
Conquer Cancer with Dana-Farber and the Jimmy Fund!

Diane's Fund

Dear Family and Friends,

I hope my annual solicitation in support of Diane’s Fund at Dana-Faber finds you and yours all well.

Before asking for your support as I have annually since my first PMC in 2004, I want to pause and share the current thinking of those most responsible for the success of Diane’s Fund.

On the one hand, we are blown away by the continuing dedication of our “core” and the extraordinary generosity of their sponsors.  Since the launch of Diane’s Fund in 2011, they have raised over $650,000 to support Dr. Matulonis’ work on ovarian cancer.  No doubt this exceeds (I expect by an order of magnitude) Diane’s wildest expectations when she penned her obituary about 9 years ago now asking that “in lieu of flowers” donations be made to support this work.

On the other hand, we recognize that Diane’s Fund is one of countless compelling causes and we are concerned that we may tarnish its genesis and accomplishments by carrying on as we have without regard to the risk of “fatigue” for all concerned.  So, our plan is to continue our organized efforts through the tenth anniversary of Diane’s death in 2020.

To be clear, Diane’s Fund will live on beyond cessation of our organized efforts as a place where I for sure and I expect others will go to advance Diane’s hope that Dr. Matulonis’ work could spare other mothers, daughters and sisters from her journey with ovarian cancer and their parents, partners, siblings and children from their sometimes nearly unbearable absence.

I have two “asks.”

One, this year and next I am going to walk the Boston Marathon Jimmy Fund Walk with Team Diane and Julia’s Team Q, and I would greatly appreciate your support.  All funds I raise on my walk are earmarked for Diane’s Fund and I will match your sponsorship dollar for dollar. To contribute on-line, please click on the give button above.  To contribute by check, please make it out to "Boston Marathon Jimmy Fund Walk" and mail it to me at the address below.

Two, please consider walking (routes range from 3.1 miles to 26.2 miles) and celebrating (our post-walk team dinners are precious and we promise to make our last especially so) with Team Diane and Team Q in 2020 as we bring our combined organized efforts to a close.

Thank you for supporting me in the past and for your consideration of doing so again.

All my best to you and yours!

David Brewster

8 Prospect Street

Winchester, MA 01890

Cell: 617.320.2588

Email: dtbrewster@comcast.net


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