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Everyone who participates in the Jimmy Fund Walk has a story. Cancer may have taken someone they love, they may be fighting cancer or they may have already beaten cancer. The bottom line is, we all have the same goal. We all want to wipe out this horrible disease. This is my 10th Jimmy Fund Walk. I am proud to participate in this event every year. I walk for the people who no longer can do it themselves. I walk for those who may not know yet that they need Dana Farber. I walk because I'm tired of feeling helpless to this disease. 

Every year I walk I dedicate my fundraising to someone different. That's how cancer has affected my life, it continues to come after the people I care about. I've lost two wonderful Grandparents to this disease. I've lost friends. I've lost co-workers. I've lost acquaintances. But, I haven't lost hope. I believe in everything Dana Farber is trying to do, and I will continue to support them for as long as I am able to do so. 

I look forward to the day when I can tell you I'm walking "in honor of" more than I have to say "in memory of" my family, friends or co-workers. I initially started walking the year after my boss lost her husband to brain cancer. Sadly, the list has grown every year. So, I'll walk. I'll fundraise. And I'll hope. Hope that, with your help, a cure is possible.

Thank you for supporting my participation in the Boston Marathon Jimmy Fund Walk. Together, we can conquer cancer!




Fundraising Honor Roll
Belinda Jenkins
Deb B*^%# Burns
Donna Kent
Lizz :)
Lynne Brown
Mary Kincaid
Mitch & Barb in memory of Papa
Mrs. Jennifer Vincent
Ms. Christine Morrisey
Thank you for walking Chrissie xoxo
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Every dollar raised helps fuel Dana-Farber Cancer Institute's 50-50 balance between lifesaving research and total patient care.
Together, we can conquer cancer!