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Team Scrawney Morgan walks, rides and fishes for a way to hook a cure for cancer!!

Alright folks, we begin again, New Year, new walk…..let me reiterate, I hate using my cancer as a fundraising tool, but then again, I am SO blessed and lucky that I was able to find it in time to be saved……many have not.  I caution all of you, LISTEN TO YOUR BODY, it knows……if you don’t feel “right”, go to your doctor and get it checked out.  I had pneumonia 3 times in 8 months, all of which I went to the doctors for….it was only the third time, when I got a doctor that was smart enough to send me for a chest x-ray, that I was diagnosed…the rest is history.  I have had clean scans for 3 years and going strong!!!

I walk every year in the Jimmy Fund Marathon Walk.  Each year that goes by, someone else I know; relative, friends, friend of friends have been's not OK.  Just today I found out someone close to me could possibly have lung cancer in both of her lungs.....and last Monday, February 4th, a very close high school friend lost his 69 yr old sister to cancer....I repeat, NOT OK.  

What I need from you is money…plain and simple!!  My link is below….PLEASE donate what you can.  I truly appreciate it from the bottom of my heart, and feet!!  


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