CowParade New England Online Auction

Grazing cow sculpture on a street in Boston

Time is MOO-ving quickly! Don’t miss your chance to own a one-of-a-kind cow sculpture for your home or office. Bid on a cow today.

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Herd 1: 8/7 – 8/17

Auction Closed

Full-size Cows:

  • Alphonse Moo-cha by Emily Bhargava

  • Beautifully Bo(ld)vine by Jamaal Eversley

  • Flora by Victoria Hautala

  • Gardenia by Dean “Keever” McKeever

  • Gridiron Grazer by Neil Collins

  • Luna the Mooon Cow! By Aidan Dempsey

  • Miss Moosachusetts by Carol Leonesio

  • More Love is OK by Franklin Marval

  • Proud Cow by Linda Murray


  • Antoni Cowdi by Emily Bhargava and West Somerville Neighborhood School Students

  • Yatziry by Yael Schulman, Age 12, from Newton, MA

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Herd 2: 8/14 – 8/24

Auction Closed

Full-size Cows:

  • Frida Cowlo by Zoe Bradford

  • Heifervescence by Tova Speter

  • Milkshake by Rebecca Kinkead

  • Mystical MerMoo by Liz Lomax

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Herd 3: 8/21 – 8/31

Auction Closed

Full-size Cows:

  • Aster by Abby Ouellette

  • A Wicked Good Bruins Game by Dawn Evans Scaltreto

  • Boston Harbor, A Teapot Tonight! By Jacqueline Kelley Coughlin

  • Boston Urban Sketcher Cow by Howie Green

  • Commit by Richard Banfield

  • Cowca-Cola by Howie Green

  • Cow in Bloom by Cristina Todesco

  • GAIA by ARTGIRLZ Boston

  • Moodern Art by Barbara Johansen Newman

  • When Pigs Fly by Concepts


  • Frida the Cow by Joseph Joey James and CLCS Charter School Students

  • Space Penguins by Dawn Evans Scaltreto and Greater Boston Senior Citizens

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Herd 4: 8/28 – 9/7

Auction Closed

Full-size Cows:

  • A Daydream at Cowyard Landing by Nick Heaney

  • A Great Day at Fenway by Dawn Evans Scaltreto

  • Belle Beauvigne by Jocelyn Velush

  • Cattle of the Sun by Heather Morris

  • Delft Heifer by Jill Kovalchik

  • Great “Moo”sterpieces by Janie Howland

  • Holy Cow! By Jennifer Gillooly Cahoon

  • Hope by Grhimm Xavier

  • Iron Cow by VDA Production Team

  • Lucky the Cow by Elson & Wilson Fortes

  • Orange Line Cow by Matt Baynes

  • Peace Dove by Howie Green

  • Sally Sunset by Crystal Bailey

  • SeaCow by Russ Cox

  • Spreading Love by Joseph Joey James

  • The Giant Boob Cow by Richard Banfield

  • Wetlands by Sophy Tuttle


  • Artie the Arts Advocacy Cow by Daisy Hutter and The Current Art Center Students

  • CowMOONity by CowParade New England Artists

  • Public by Ari Hauben and Melvin H. King South End Academy Students

What are the auction dates?

Herds of cows will be released for bidding every Monday from 6 – 9 p.m. (EST) through August 28.

  • Herd 1: August 7 – 17
  • Herd 2: August 14 – 24
  • Herd 3: August 21 – 31
  • Herd 4: August 28 – September 7

Where do I place my bid?

Visit our CowParade New England page on eBay to view and bid on cows.

Do I need an eBay account in order to bid?

Yes, you can set up your account on eBay here.

Which cows are available for purchase?

Any cow that is not marked as "(SOLD)" in the cow gallery will be available in the auction. This includes both full-size cows and mini-moos.

What are the starting bids?

Bids start at $500+.

I have a cow that I’d like to purchase before the end of the auction. Is this possible?

Yes! See the "Buy it Now" details on the online auction page for the cow that you’re looking to purchase.

How big are the full-size cows and what are they made of?

Each full-size cow is affixed to a wooden base that is 82” long by 41” wide and approximately 6” tall. Please note: the actual cow may be up to 95” long (depending on orientation, the cow’s head may extend past the base).

Head down cows are approximately 48” tall and head up cows are 58” tall (measured from the cow’s hooves to the top of its horns). The combined weight of the cow and base is approximately 425 lbs.

The cows are made of flame-retardant fiberglass. Generally, they are weatherproof. Please read the description of each cow for any additional materials used.

How big are the mini-moos and what are they made of?

The mini-moos are not on bases. They measure 49.5” long by 15.5” wide and are approximately 31” tall. Each mini-moo weighs approximately 40lbs.

Mini-moos are made of flame-retardant fiberglass. Generally, they are weatherproof. Please read the description of each mini-moo for any additional materials used.

Who is responsible for transporting the cow to its new home?

The buyer will be responsible for picking up their cow in the Greater Boston area or covering transportation fees for professional delivery.

  • If the buyer would like to pick up the cow in their own vehicle, they must coordinate a date/time with Jimmy Fund staff. Pick-ups will be scheduled between September 5 through September 11.
  • If the buyer would prefer to hire a professional mover to transport their cow, the Jimmy Fund team will be happy to introduce you to a recommended moving partner. Buyers will be responsible for all costs associated with delivery of the cow. Estimated transportation fees begin at $500 and will vary depending on the delivery location.

Where should I display my cow after it’s delivered?

Past purchasers have displayed their cows indoors and outdoors, including at their primary residences and second homes, their businesses (lobby/front desk areas, restaurants, retail locations, etc.), and other creative locations. You could also consider arranging your cow to be donated to a local hospital, playground, or community organization.

Where will proceeds from the CowParade New England online auction be directed?

Proceeds from the online auction will support the lifesaving research and compassionate patient care at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. Thank you for giving Dana-Farber patients and families hope for a cancer-free future!

Will my donation be considered tax deductible if my payment is processed through eBay?

Yes! This gift will be processed via eBay, and it is tax-deductible, above and beyond the fair market value of the cow ($1,000). All cow purchasers will receive a receipt acknowledging their contribution.