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We’re all Jimmy

Jimmy is every one of us. Jimmy is every patient, doctor, nurse, donor, and event participant—everyone who joins the Jimmy Fund to support groundbreaking cancer research and care at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.

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Former Red Sox player Ted Williams with the original 'Jimmy'

The History of the Jimmy Fund

It all started with a boy who loved baseball. Then it became a movement that spanned generations and transformed cancer research and care at Dana-Farber forever.

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"Jimmy" was a 12-year-old boy with lymphoma. In 1948, he appeared on a national radio program broadcasted from his hospital room. Jimmy had one wish: a TV so he could watch his favorite baseball team play.

Listeners donated what they could and together ended up raising hundreds of thousands of dollars. Enough to buy Jimmy a TV—and give him a second chance at life.

With this support, the Jimmy Fund was born. Its mission was to support cancer patients at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, just like Jimmy. Years later, the Jimmy Fund has grown to millions of supporters who are changing how the whole world treats cancer.

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Dana-Farber Cancer Institute scientist in the lab

You’re Supporting Dana-Farber

When you join the Jimmy Fund, you are part of a powerful community supporting adults and children with cancer.

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What started out small 75 years ago, Dana-Farber is now a world-renowned cancer center, supporting more than 523,000 clinic visits and 1,200 clinical trials annually—thanks to support from the Jimmy Fund.

Their scientists and clinicians work hand-in-hand to turn groundbreaking research into lifesaving treatments for patients around the world.

Your support of these efforts is critical to The Dana-Farber Campaign, our ambitious, multi-year $2 billion fundraising effort to prevent, treat, and Defy Cancer. Learn more at defycancer.org.

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Dana-Farber patient Cheryl Dana-Farber patient Caesar Dana-Farber patient Carly Dana-Farber physician-scientist Mimi Jimmy Fund event participant Doug
Dana-Farber patient Cheryl

Cheryl, Patient

A breast cancer survivor, Cheryl couldn’t find natural-looking wigs during chemotherapy. Dana-Farber worked with Cheryl to make that happen, improving her quality of life during treatment.

Dana-Farber patient Caesar

Caesar, Patient

Caesar was shocked when he was diagnosed with a highly aggressive prostate cancer, and filled with despair about how treatment may change his life. Then he went to Dana-Farber, where he found hope.

Dana-Farber patient Carly

Carly, Patient

A softball-sized tumor led to surgery to remove Carly’s kidney, followed by aggressive, yet successful, radiation and chemotherapy treatments. And she never let anything stop her from dancing.

Jimmy Fund event participant Doug

Doug, Event Participant

After Doug and his wife's successful cancer treatments at Dana-Farber, he wanted to give back and started the Pink Barbarians team to raise money in the Boston Marathon® Jimmy Fund Walk every year.

Dana-Farber physician-scientist Mimi

Dr. Mimi, Physician-Scientist

Dr. Mimi is a neuro-oncologist and researcher at Dana-Farber and an enthusiastic Jimmy Fund supporter. In her own words: "Never underestimate the power of a community to change the world."

About Our Patient Stories: Dana-Farber shares patient stories which may include descriptions of actual medical results. Dana-Farber provides personalized care for each patient based on their unique needs; their experiences and results will vary.

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