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Pink Barbarians Roar!!!!
Pink Barbarians Roar!!!!


Yes, I am participating in the 2022 Boston Marathon® Jimmy Fund Walk on Sunday, October 2nd, and yes, I'll be dressed as a Pink Barbarian.  Of course my outfit will help me (and my fellow barbarians) stand out and raise money to help cure cancer, but my attire does much more.  It helps me convert rage to productivity, a defensive posture to an offensive one, and sadness to determination!   I'll briefly explain.   

Tunnel vision.  It's a cliche to say, "You don't appreciate your health until it's gone."  But, this was very much what happened to me.  In November of 2012, I was driving to daycare to pickup my two daughters, and I took a call from my wife's (Gabby's) doctor who had called to inform me that Gabby had been diagnosed with breast cancer.  (Gabby was in the office but couldn't make the call.)  Introduce the tunnel and the thoughts that rushed through my mind, including:  disbelief, denial, profound sadness, self-pity, and crushing fear over the possibility of losing my best friend and the mother to my 2 daughters.

The Void.  It's hard to explain the feeling I felt at my core as my wife and I worked through the next month or two while putting together her treatment plan.  We were on our heals, taking in an immense amount of new info, including: detailed diagnosis, treatment options, probabilities, timelines, communication strategies for telling our kids, etc.  It was really hard to feel anything other than action:  Keep moving forward, albeit very much on our heals the whole time.

Switching to Offense.   Through the help of an amazing team of nurses, doctors, and social workers at Dana Farber, and the support of our family (this includes our great friends who we always consider family) we implemented Gabby's treatment plan.  Her care was amazing!  Your support was never ending.  

The Future.  Somehow, at some point, treatment transitioned to progress, and 10 years later I'm determine to stay on the offensive.  I will not take health for granted.  I will support my family, my friends, and other people struggling to move through the void and onto the offensive.  This is why I put on my armor, my shield, and my pink cape.  It helps me stay on the offensive!!

I invite you to join me with these efforts.  If you can, please consider making a donation to this productive, needed, and worthwhile cause.

Be a barbarian with us.  Roar!!!!!!!!


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